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The Hands & Voices Advocacy, Support, and Training (ASTra) Program

ASTra is a replicable Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educational Advocacy Program providing parents and professionals with resources that focus specifically on D/HH issues in educational advocacy in the Hands & Voices context: a commitment to unbiased support of families regardless of language and communication approaches used by their children and across the full continuum of educational placement options, so that every child who is D/HH has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. ASTra content is derived from years of direct advocacy experience working with families in schools, attending advocacy trainings from legal experts, providing trainings, and the Hands & Voices Educational Advocacy Guidebook (©2013).

Level 1 Trainings

We offer Level 1 trainings for parents, professionals and community members to increase knowledge and skills to advocate for their own child, and/or students they work with.

Our next Level 1 Training will be held online Sept. 9, 10, and 12. Please click here for more details and to register:

Register for Training

To be notified of the next available training, please fill out this short form.

ASTra Advocate Services

You will need to sign and return this release document before services can be initiated. You can upload it within the form or check your confirmation email for email/fax/mail options.

ASTra Release of Liability

If you have these documents on hand, you can upload them as well:

  • Audiogram

  • Communication Plan

  • Written correspondence with school

Advocacy Tools

Request an ASTra Advocate to provide you with advocacy resources, support, and IEP preparation by completing the form found here.

Some documents and links referenced in the H&V Advocacy Guidebook can be found on the

Hands & Voices HQ ASTra page.

Educational Advocacy For Students  Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: The Hands & Voices Guidebook

Click here to purchase the Hands & Voice Guidebook.