texas hands & voices board of directors, staff, & lead volunteers

Parents make up 51% or more of any H&V chapter board. Board positions are a 2 year commitment. Meetings occur in person 4x a year and via conference call 6-8 times a year.

Officers : 2018-2019

Sarah Milem, President – Parent
Steve Drumm, Vice President – Parent, Chair of Governance Committee
Amy Marroquin, Treasurer – Parent, Chair of Internal Affairs Committee
Kathy Sellers, Secretary – Parent, Professional, Chair of External Affairs Committee

board members

Melinda Ray, Member at Large – Parent, DHH Adult
Karen Ditty, Member at Large – Professional
Sharon Parham, Member at Large – Professional
Lisa Crawford, Member at Large – Professional
Liz Dziak, Member at Large – Parent
Jennifer Prigge, Member at Large – Professional
Connie Ferguson, Member at Large – Professional
opening for Parent or Deaf adult -
board member application

staff & volunteers

Kellie Berger, Executive Director – Email
Michaela Hamaker, GBYS Coordinator – Email
Sarah Wainscott, FTG Project Coordinator – Email
Jeannette Robinson, ASTra Coordinator – Email
GBYS Guides
ASTra Advocates