Want to be a Volunteer?

We have a great group of parents and professionals who are committed to helping the chapter grow, however as we expand our programs, we are often in need of more volunteers for different projects, workshops and activities! 

We are excited that you are interested in offering to add your talents and interests to ours so the best possible program can be developed for our state! Your active participation is very important to the success of this chapter.

To help us maximize our potential please share what skills and knowledge are you bringing to our chapter. Indicate your experience and preferences in the following areas. If you have little or no experience but a great desire to learn or serve in a specific area, let us know!

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Areas I'd like to volunteer...
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I understand some volunteer roles will require a background check to ensure the safety of financial information and our families information. I voluntarily consent and authorize TX H&V to complete a background check on me before I begin working.
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If you are already volunteering with Texas Hands & Voices, THANK YOU!!!

Please log your hours and submit them!  Many grants and state and federally funded programs require an accurate reflection of volunteer hours.  We will need these from time to time for tax records and other purposes as well.

You can log them at home on one of the forms below and email them to our office or mail them to our PO Box:

Volunteer Hours Word doc  |  Volunteer Hours Excel sheet

Thanks again for all you do!

If you are unsure of the date(s) you worked on a specific project or you have 5 minutes here and 15 there, add them up and choose a date in the right range. Hours can include phone calls, scheduling, emails, planning, helping at events, committee work, attending meetings or trainings, etc. All those hours count!