Texas Hands & Voices understands the financial burdens that technology for our d/hh kids can place on families.  While our chapter is not able to help families with the costs directly, we do have a list of resources which may help.   Please look through the links below to see if one of these agencies, businesses, organizations or tools can help you with funding. 

Texas Resources

  • HB 490 text and FAQ regarding private insurance coverage of hearing aids and CIs
  • Children's Hearing Aid Texas - call or email for more information
  • CHIP: The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) offers low-cost health coverage for children from birth through age 18. CHIP is designed for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to buy private health coverage.
  • STAR: STAR is a Medicaid-managed care plan. This plan helps family members of any age. Texas Children’s Health Plan offers STAR in more than 20 counties in the Jefferson and Harris Service Areas.
  • Dallas Hearing Foundation: The foundation’s mission is to provide medical and surgical treatment, hearing technologies, speech and hearing rehabilitation, and educational support to those who are in financial need.
  • En Voz Alta @ El Paso Children's Hospital offers assistance in paying for hearing aids. Application deadlines apply.  Ask your audiologist there for information.
  • Run to Hear, inc: "A non-profit corporation dedicated to raising funds for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals."  www.runtohear.org
  • The Marquardt Foundation is working with Texas Hands & Voices to establish a hearing aid loaner bank.  If you have working hearing aids that you no longer need, please contact them or us to get details. 

General Resources

Community Resources

  • Other possible sources depend on the area in which a person resides: Rotary International, Quota International, Sertoma Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, and Lion's Clubs. Contact your local group.
  • Military: If you are a military veteran and a member of the American Legion, they offer a discount program through Hear PO for the family

Higher Education Resources – Scholarships, Grants and Waivers

* Note: qualifications, deadlines and availability of the following vary.  These have been shared with us by various sources and it is up to you to determine if they apply to your situation or not.