Education Services in Texas

Direct services to children and their families may be found at these and more. Texas Hands & Voices can connect you with additional resources, families and deaf adults. Click here to request support from one of our Parent and/or Deaf/Hard of Hearing Guides.

Visit our ASTra page for information on Advocacy Support and Training.

Visiting Schools & Programs

The best way to get to know schools and programs for deaf and hard of hearing students in Texas is to visit them. Each will have its own policy for visitors so you should call or contact them ahead of time to make arrangements. You can also call or email schools and programs to ask about services for deaf and hard of hearing children.

State Resource Centers

In addition to the educational programs schools provide, two resource centers serve the state to assist students who are deaf or hard of hearing, their families, and the professionals who work with them.

Education Service Centers

All 20 Educational Service Centers have designated staff to provide guidance related to deaf education.

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